Basic Bundle. 

Any day of the week.

 A virtual event.  30 minutes of virtual fun. Seeing 3 amazing animals. Talk to the keeper, maybe even see a feeding or training!  Ask your animal questions too!  

Animals range, so if you have something in mind.. please ask in request. 

Examples could be a big snake, parrots, tortoise, unique reptiles , parrots too!  Can have up to 5 people  in the zoom event.!  The keeper will be sure to do special shout outs to birthday person ( or whoever event is for ). Be sure to ell us about the person  your booking for! 


Standard virtual party

Any day of the week.

 Having virtual fun with your friends! Book this event means you can have  45 minutes of wild zoo party fun! Ask the animal keep questions, learn amazing animal facts.  Up to 10 people can be a part of this awesome event.  Sit back and see all the animals! It is going to be a educationally FUN event!! With special attention given to  the birthday child. Or if an organization.. we make sure to chat about that too!! THis event will share 4- 5 animals with you and your friends!    Zoom events with the wild zoo parties are awesome!! 


** Please note, although we appreciate an organization might have more than 10. It is not feasible with online to focus and chat with all attendees if there is more. We are sorry for this  online limitation. 


This is the big one!!The event with the most interactive fun we can do!!  Going  to be so much fun!!  Set aside  an hour for this awesome event!! You and up to 9 of your closet friends can enjoy this virtual event with an interactive goody bags . The goody bag contents will vary but  some examples are:   Candy gecko ( so when it is time to show a gecko, I will have kids bite the tail off the candy gecko and then explain how a tail can come off  and animal still survive!  OR.. perhaps they learn about an animal that eats mealworms and one they can actually eat is in the bag too! Hopefully some of the kids/adults are brave enough to try this!   Perhaps ;a parrot feather will be in the bag and then the keeper will show a Macaw!  So many possibilities... but just know it will be fun and interactive for your guests.  P.S This can be for adults too!! Why not!! 

( **Interactive bags must be pick up at Tyrannosaurus Pets 292 front street Belleville, Ontario). 

BIRTHDAY child or hostess of event  - Get an extra special gift from us at Wild zoo parties.. so let us know your shirt size!! 

ALL This for just $225tx.   And... no birthday mess for you to clean up!!!