With these crazy times we can't connect with our loved ones like we used too.. We have created a fun way for you to send your love! A custom shout out. Whether it be for a Birthday, Anniversary, Baby announcement, or... really any reason at all. We  create a custom 3-5 minute shout out with one animal (for additional fee, can add second animal )  of your choice. In the message is a custom greeting to your someone(s) special, and some fun animal facts that will make it extra special!  


– Celebrating a birthday or anniversary
– Congratulations on graduating or getting married
– Sending a get-well
– Welcoming a new baby
– Just saying “hello”
– so much more!


– Choose your animal(2)


2. Tortoise

3. Parrot ( like a macaw , Senegal, African Grey, Eclectus )

4. Snake 

5. Bearded Dragon 

–The recording will be send to you via Link sent to your email or facebook if you rather.


$25tx per animal
$2 from every Shout out will be donated to an animal charity of our choosing. 

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